SOHEWA means – ‘’instantly hot water” - that is the service you can expect from our device. Due to a very short preheating period of 2-3 seconds, hot water flows almost immediately after turning up the tap. There is no electric power consumption - (no standby consumption) - as long as the device is not working. The device is working at a very high degree of energy conversion efficiency – nearly 100 % of the electrical energy is converted into water heat – and that with a very high outlet temperature up to 55° C.

The high degree of electrical efficiency combined with a very small amount of water consumption makes this device to an all-round energy-saver. You are only using electricity and water when SOHEWA is working for you.

There is no loss of warmth from the central water tank to the tap due to long pipelines.

The water temperature should be approximately 35°C for washing your hands or having a shower. For cleaning the dishes it should be warmer, about 55°C.

In case you are interested in integrating the heater at home, we can assert that the installation is absolutely simple.

It does not matter if it is a new-, or an old building, a kitchen, a bathroom, a guest lavatory or a summer house – SOHEWA fits in everywhere.

That is what we can assure after more than 40 years of experience with these instantaneous water heaters. As we are convinced that you are not having any problems with the device we are granting you a full guarantee of 5 years on our instantaneous water heaters. The device is completely manufactured in Germany - from the choice of the parts to the assembly.

Take advantage of the maintenance free operation due to no calcification of the device and, additionally, save water and electricity.


Product overview apparatus above the basin (PDF)

Product overview apparatus below the basin (PDF)