The Name says it all:
SOHEWA means “instantly hot water”

The following points speak in favor for this small and smart helper.


  • small design: nearly everywhere integrable - i.e. new buildings, old buildings, bath, lavatory or summer house – SOHEWA fits everywhere
  • it is energy saving: power is only needed when SOHEWA is working for you
  • more than 40 years of proven technology: durable product lifecycle
  • maintenance free: no calcification of the device
  • no standby: current consumption
  • hot water without long waiting period: (heating-up time 2-3 seconds)
  • high efficiency: nearly 100% of electronic energy is converted into water heat
  • very high outlet temperature: up to 55 °C
  • short ways: no heat loss by long pipes
  • high heating performance: up to 7.5 kW
  • Made in Germany: production of the devices and components here in Germany
  • ready for connection by delivery (up to 3,5kW)
  • take load from your heating system: ideal to complement your heating system, i.e. geothermal heating or pellet heating
  • hot water: even at remote places where there is normally no warm water supply.
  • optional: safety circuit to protect the device from running dry. Thereby a blowing of the apparatus is avoided.
  • water- and energy saving
  • 5 years of full warranty