Sohewa Durchlauferhitzer


The Company: Portrait


Elementechnik Scherschel GmbH is a German middle-sized company based in Schweitenkirchen. The company Sohewa was founded in the 60’s by Werner Bernhardt and his wife Georgine. Mr. Bernhardt developed the SOHEWA continuous-flow heater and had been leading the production as well as the distribution of the device successfully for years. Originally, the company was based in Ilmmünster – which is about 10km away from the current location. Further information about the company’s history can be found in the rubric „History“.

Mr. Klaus Scherschel took over the company Werner Bernhardt GmbH in September 2010, including all patents, tools and rights. The SOHEWA continuous-flow heaters are manufactured and distributed by Mr. Scherschel. Since the end of 2017, the company has been operating under the name of Elementechnik Scherschel GmbH. The company is run, exactly like it used to be under the former owners, as a family business. Georgine Bernhardt, the founder’s wife, currently assists as a consultant. In this regard, we have access to more than 4o years experience in the production of continuous-flow heaters. That means, three generations in our house are involved in SOHEWA flow heaters. Thus, the basic idea of the Werner Bernhardt GmbH survives - good customer support, direct contact and satisfied clients. We will continue to act according to this principle –as in over 40 years it proved its value.